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Various Health Problem Associated with Use of Cell Phones

In the modern lifestyle, cell phones are the most important part of human living. But as the use of a cellphone is increasing it is creating many health issues for the users. Many of the young kids are getting addicted to mobiles, which is creating a mental disturbance. According to a new study because of the cell-phones ears, face, nose, & head injuries are increased over the last twenty years. Studies have found that most injuries occur between the ages of 13 and 29, and driving, walking and texting distract them. The most common injuries are cuts to the face and head, followed by contusions (brain contusions), abrasions and injuries to internal organs. Most were treated and released without hospitalization. The study said that although these injuries did not appear to be the main problem, they could have long-term consequences.

The author writes that facial cuts and subsequent scars can cause anxiety and reduce self-esteem, especially in the event of an infection, which may increase the need for car repair and other cosmetic procedures. The cost of repairing facial lacerations in the US medical system is approximately $ 3 billion per year. The authors said that the study, published Monday in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), was the first study to investigate head and neck injuries rather than general injuries. Before Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007, they were barely injured, but then rose sharply.

The author writes that although mobile phones have been popular before this time, their functions are limited, so they are unlikely to be a major distraction compared to modern smartphones. Studies have found that injuries to children 13 and under are more likely to be due to mechanical injuries directly caused by mobile phones. The author points out that today’s mobile phones can be large and heavy and can easily hurt children who are accidentally hit or hit by a mobile phone. Everyone can try to use cell phones as minimum as possible to avoid health problems.

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