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Researchers Say Food Labels Advice On Reducing Obesity Can Help

Everyone wants to reduce their extra weight and don’t want to suffer from excess obesity and fatness. However, recently, a group of researchers from the UK found that a food label’s exercise advance can be helpful to reduce weight. Usually, many food levels show that a person needs to consume that much amount of food or exercise to lose a certain amount of calories. In a practical case study, it’s proved that advice was useful when tested.

Physical Activity Calorie Equivalent (PACE) labels can be helpful to reduce the weight since it includes the direction and ways through which one can reduce their weight. For example, the Chocolate label says that it can take approximately 23 minutes of running or 4 minutes of walking to burn off 230 calories. Such directions, if followed correctly by people, can help[ them to reduce the extra calories they consume during the whole day. Researchers said the massive scale of labels helps a person to burn 200 calories per day.

However, there is one drawback to this labeling information also. People often follow such a strategy of not eating something to burn off calories, but that hasn’t reduced any obesity problem in the UK. Experts think the information provided by labels to reduce weight increase the difficulty of eating disorder. Researchers analyzed more than 14 cases studied, and they found that PACE labeling was more effective than no labeling, but it was also less effective as compared to Calorie only labeling. Experts think there should be an effort made to out more PACE information on existing labels, which will help people to understand how many calories they should be burning daily. A simple reduction of 100 calories per day, followed by a regular exercise can reduce the rate of obesity among people.

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