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Parents can control their kids from texting and calling with the help of Screening Time feature

There is an update from the iOS operating system of brand Apple, and now Apple will provide a set of tools for users to fight back for addiction of iPhone to children. With Apple iOS 13.3 release, the parents can set limits over their kids who can text or talk within limited hours of the day. These new limits will be applicable within text messages, phone calls, and FaceTime. Even Parents can apply a different set of limitations on text messaging, and calls within the child’s officially allowed screening time and when unavailable for use. Users can set limits in their contacts by changing settings in the Screen Time menu; users can be contacted by each or only by people in their contact list, for not getting calls from unknown numbers. And during Downtime, they can change settings to contacted by designated contacts or by everyone.

And by setting this in Screen Time Parental Controls menu, parents can choose who can reach and at what time to their children. During Downtime, parents can also change the setting’s that, to which specific contacts the child can message and to whom the child can make a call for example, dad or mom. It means parents can control the child from texting or calling friends at late night or during school times, by scheduling the Downtime. The feature also permits parents to manage the kid’s iCloud contacts remotely, with the help of parents who can share important numbers with their kids. These new features are part of Apple’s more extensive Screen Time, which introduced in the last year with iOS 12 devices. Many parents already using these features to control their children from using devices, with the help of setting limits on every app, which they want to block, for example, games. And even parents can establish a time when the child’s phone could not use.

Apple is not only a company that is working on such technology. Google also launched its own set of tools for Android, while Apple may have worked very well for teens, younger kids

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