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OxygenOS 10.0.5 updates in OnePlus 7T improves camera quality

OnePlus 7T is receiving a new update regarding the OxygenOS. OxygenOS is developed by the OnePlus for the android mobile operating systems, and it is a customized version. OnePlus developed the OxygenOS only for their smartphones. For OnePlus 7T series user OnePlus releasing an update for OxygenOS and the new updated OxygenOS is OxygenOS version 10.0.5. The updates fix some bugs, and it will improve system stability and RAM management. Users will receive updates when they get it. It did not receive the notifications regarding updates then check the updates manually. The new update of OxygenOS 10.0.5 is for OnePlus 7T Pro. For improving the performance of the device and the speed of the device and for battery life, the OnePlus introduce the OxygenOS for the devices.

A month after launching OxygenOS 10.0.4, the OnePlus released the updated version, and that updated version is OxygenOS 10.0.5, and the size of the OxygenOS version 10.0.5 is 295MB. Users can download the updates over the good Wi-Fi connection. The Updates improve the management of RAM, the updates of OxygenOS 10.0.5 enhance the photo quality. The updates fix the issues regarding white and black screen with some apps. The launching speed of some apps is also improved. While charging a black line on the screen, that issue also fixed in OxygenOS 10.0.5 updates. It will also be fixed the general bugs. OxygenOS version 10.0.5 updates also fixed the issues regarding activating the screen after double-tapping.

OnePlus 7T users get notifications regarding software updates on their devices. And they can check it manually going to setting and then system and then system updates. Some peoples see the OxygenOS 10.0.5 files as 10.3.0 on their devices. OnePlus is aware of this issue, and they will be going to provide some solutions after the problem has identified. If you are not getting the notifications to download the update, you can download the OxygenOS 10.0.5 OTA file form Oxygen updater.

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