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MyMilk Labs unveilings Mylee which is a small sensor that examines breast milk at home

Many expectant moms expressed that breastfeeding would come naturally, then it is a nervous and confusing experience during the starting few weeks after birth. Often parents worry about if their children are getting sufficient nutrition or if they are producing sufficient milk. The MyMilk Labs needs to give nursing moms more info with Mylee, which is a sensor that scans a few droplets of breast milk to get info about its composition and links to a mobile app. MyMilk Laboratories is an Israel-based company offered at Disrupt Battlefield as one of two wild card participants picked from the Startup Alley. The company launched at Disrupt Battlefield with a pre-order price of US$249. The company was started in 2014 by Mr. Ravid Schecter and Mr. Sharon Haramati, met while working on PhDs in neuroimmunology and neurobiology respectively, at Weizmann Institute of the Science. The device Mylee during the company’s stage presentation, Mr. Ravid Schecter said that the device is meant to provide mothers and lactation consultants neutral information about breast milk.

Breast milk variations in the first few weeks after birth, continuing from the colostrum to mature milk.  The Mylee device tests the electrochemical properties of the milk and then relate that to the data facts based on MyMilk Labs’ research to analyze where the sample is on the range, then expresses moms if their milk is advanced or delayed relative to the time that has approved meanwhile they gave birth. The Mylee device’s 1st version is now in a beta pilot with lactation advisors who have used them to scan milk tasters from five hindered mothers.

MyMilk Labs has testing kits for breast milk that allow mothers to provide a small sample in the home, and then it sent to MyMilk laboratories for analysis. A nutritional panel which gives information about the milk’s levels of vitamins B12, B6 and A, fat percentage and calories, along with dietary commendations for the mother. Additional panel concentrations on what is affecting breast pain, a common complaint about treating mothers. It tests for the fungal infections and bacterial and gives antibiotic submissions liable on what anxieties are detected. Mr. Sharon Haramati said on stage that the company’s plans to eventually transfer some of the test’s capabilities to the Mylee.