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Medical Detox and Crisis Stabilization Community Triage Center Opening on Monday

For people in need of medical detoxification or any crisis stabilization, the Well Care Foundation Community Triage Center (CTC) on 5th August 2019. This center will provide resources for medical detoxification and crisis stabilization. The center will also offer short-term inpatient treatment. This treatment will be medically supervised, linked to outpatient programs and private. People requiring medically supervised detox from alcohol or drugs will benefit from the Community Triage Center. With the help of law enforcement and community partners, the center will help people who do not require jail or emergency services.

The center will offer crisis stabilization facility to adults with a mental health crisis. Crisis stabilization facility includes withdrawal management services. The facilities will help people to restore and stabilize their health. The center will also act as an alternative to hospitalization or arrest. According to the National League of Cities, triage centers help respond sixty-four percent of people in jail struggling with mental health. Sixty-eight percent of people struggling with substance abuse will also benefit from triage centers. People with unsettled behavioral health issues may end up in emergency rooms or jails repeatedly. Therefore, a community triage center will help in steadying the individual from behavioral health issues.

Adults suffering from mental crisis and substance use disorder will use the triage center. The center will provide these adults safe and supportive setting to stabilize. The triage center will use technology and information for the care system. The center will also respond to a severe psychological crisis. Opening of the triage center will increase opportunities for individuals with a mental crisis to stabilize. Additionally, the center will help to divert many individuals from law enforcement. The emergency department admission will also decrease. Therefore, the partnership of the center with law enforcement will help in improving overall mental health crisis status.