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Google Assistant Now Works With Tile To Find Your Lost Stuff

There are a lot of applications out there to help you to ease your daily work. You are heading towards your office in the morning, and you realise that you have forgotten your car keys or wallet or other things that can be easily lost. To help you with these daily problems Google has joined with Tile’s application “Bluetooth Tracker” whose users are about 22 + Million across the world, and it is locating 5 million items per day across the globe.

With the help of this integration, the Google assistant users on any NEST devices will easily find its misplaced items just by saying ‘Hey Google, find me or ring my…’ With the help of these, one can know the location of the lost items by its location service. The partnership between Google and Tiles is essential and crucial as its rival company Apple is also working on a similar project “AirTags” which is integrated with its IOS and will launch its product in the first half of 2020.

Tile’s partnership with Google is not only expanding its business to another level but also saving it. To use these new features, open the Google Home app to set up your Tile with an assistant. It might sound new, but this partnership of google with Tile is not new because they announced their collaboration with each other back in September 2019. Tile’s competitor AirTags already got ahead in this market with Apple and Google had to collaborate with Tile to make sure they don’t get behind in this business. According to experts, this partnership between two companies gives an extra edge for tile because, with this venture, they can manage to get out of their bad economic phase.

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