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Google and Facebook Facing EU Probe Over Collection of Data

Europe’s superior antitrust regulator is keeping a close eye on various tech giants, including Google and Facebook. The companies’ massive advertising business has become the center of attraction once again due to the ongoing investigation. On Monday, the EU (European Commission) has announced that it has initiated initial investigations against Facebook and Google. The probe will mainly focus on how tech giants collect, handle, monetize, and utilize data for advertising intents. Reportedly, both companies have utilized user information for the development of the advertising business. Even more, they have generated hundreds of billions of dollars in proceeds. Still, how they use customer information is attracting regulators in and around the Atlantic.

Regulators aim to know whether Facebook imposes limits on data used by third-party companies in return for gaining APIs for its central platform and Instagram. Even more, they are trying to figure out if Facebook obstructs access to data; if yes, why? An EU executive said the agency has sent questionnaires consisted of primary polls into data of Google and Facebook. Currently, it is unclear to whom precisely the inquiry form has been sent. But it is a step that could pave the way towards a formal inquiry. Nick Clegg, Facebook’s VP, was questioned regarding the investigation during a press conference. At the time, the executive said, Facebook is facing probes across the globe.

On the other hand, a Google representative has clarified the effort of data collection of the company. As per the spokesperson, Google uses data to make its services more useful and for relevant advertising. Even more, they claim that users have the authority to manage, erase, or transfer their information. The representative added, they will continue to take part with the Commission and others on this essential discussion for the business sector. Reportedly, EU officials are worried due to the massive troves of data leading tech-giants store. Other than that, regulators are concerned that tech companies use such data to hamper competitors.

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