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Facebook Recently Tested a Facial Recognition App on Its Employees

Facebook, which is one of the biggest tech giant companies, might be going through privacy scandals, but that hasn’t stopped it from using facial recognition technology to identify its employees. Reportedly Facebook has created and tested an app that is going to identify co-workers and their friends using facial recognition technology. There were many rumors about this news before the actual story was released. It’s said that users need to click photos using this app, which is going to tell another person’s identity and their friends. However, this app was developed in 2015-2016, which is before the famous Cambridge Analytica scandal. The Facebook spokesperson denied the rumors, which said that this app could identify anyone, and he mentioned it’s developed only for employees and their co-workers. Facebook has got lots of backlashes for privacy issues because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and violation of GDPR rules in Europe. Even after criticisms, Facebook decided to go with this sort of app, which is based on a user’s private data.

The spokesperson said that Facebook is focused on building internal software, which is going to be beneficial for the company. Facebook in 2017 tried to use facial recognition technology for developing similar apps but got major backlashes from users and government agencies and had to drop those plans. Still, they have managed to use controversial technology like facial recognition for internal use, which can add more value internally. Facial recognition was meant to be used for removing the hassle of tagging friends over a facebook post. Still, since the technology is using users, private data, it got criticism immediately. Facebook already paid more than $5 billion of fines to the government for violating rules. However, the reports do not show how much privacy-related problems this new internal purpose-based app might create for Facebook employees.