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Christina Koch Becomes First Women by Performing Longest Spaceflight

Christina Koch, the female astronaut on the International space station, broke the world record of the longest spaceflight by women. She broke the record of Peggy Whitson, who lived on the International Space Station in 2016-2017 for 288 days. Christina Koch is scheduled to return on the planet by February 2020. By the time she lands, she would have lived in the international space station for nearly 328 days, which is enough for her to maintain the lead for the next few years.

Christina Koch was one of the first female astronauts and a part of the all-female spacewalk mission from NASA. She became the first woman to be the part of the all-female spacewalk, in which everyone from flight commander to the astronauts to the ground control was a female. Even though she is now the female astronaut who has lived the longest time in the space, she is not the longest one if we count male astronauts. Russia’s Valeri Polyakov was the first male astronaut to spend 437 days on the Mir Space Station, which later crashed back on the planet. If we consider the International Space Station only, then Scott Kelly holds the record of living nearly 340 days on the international space station.

Christina’s stay at the international space station was extended earlier to study the effects of staying for a long time in the space. As no female has ever stayed that long, the scientists at NASA had no information or the data about the effects of the less gravity exposure on the female body for a long time. When she comes back on the planet in February 2020, she will come with all of the answers to the scientists. With those answers, scientists can understand the effects of the vacuum environment on the human body, so we can find ways to stay healthy on long missions like Mars missions.

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