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Boeing’s New CEO Aims to Restart Building 737 MAX Even Before FAA Approval

On Wednesday, Boeing CEO David Calhoun announced that the company aims to restart the manufacture of the 737 MAX. Currently, the aerospace company has not gained approval from federal officials. Still, it will start the production several months, as it deems regulators will approve the aircraft to glide again. The news arrives a day after Boeing declared that the approval might not come until the middle of the year. While talking in a telephone conference with reporters, Calhoun said the closure would end by this spring. Maybe the announcement is to inspire workers at Boeing. Even more, the news may relieve stressed component providers of the company’s top-selling aircraft. Reportedly, the government has ordered Boeing to ground its plane since March following two crashes. At the time, the two incidents collectively killed more than 340 people.

Well, Boeing kept struggling to convince air safety officials regarding the safety of 737 MAX. The company even expected the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) would approve its safety system in late 2019. Unfortunately, the officials have extended the grounding to the current year. Boeing said the certification process is a subject to their continuous efforts for addressing identified schedule risks. Even more, it includes future enhancements that may emerge in conjunction with the approval process. Also, it accounts for the thorough inspection that federal executives are precisely applying at each phase of the review.

The company has stressed that the FAA and other international regulators will take the final decision as to when the plane will restart the service. Still, the federal agency has not detailed regarding a timeline for when it would permit Boeing 737 MAX. On the other hand, Boeing’s shares have experienced a fall of 1.4% on Wednesday. The dive has led weekly losses to about 5%. Apart from this, the 737 MAX downturn has heaved through the supply chain of Boeing, including Spirit AeroSystems and General Electric. Calhoun noted they would keep taking steps for maintaining the chain of supply and employment skills to get ready and resume production.

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